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Niospiro refers to the new fruit and is inspired by the name Diospiro.

Kaki, Persimon or diospiro is a rare, surprising, and divinely delicious fruit. (Diospiro, etymologically the fruit of the Gods in old greek).

Niospiro is a French company committed to offering pieces made of thick organic cotton to ensure their longevity. We are dedicated to respecting the environment and promoting Slow Fashion. This is how the production of a piece begins, only when the customer makes a purchase. Therefore, shipping times may be longer compared to other clothing brands. Our goal, spanning over a decade, is to bring all the production to Europe, particularly between France and Portugal.

Brands that target impeccable quality often offer very simple garments without unique patterns, while brands that offer products with more ambitious designs do not provide adequate fabric quality. Niospiro offers a collection of unique handmade patterns designed by a painter. Therefore, we focus equally on simple and exceptional aesthetics as well as the elegance of eco-responsible manufacturing.

We want to provide a product that you can keep for life, that's why we prioritize heavyweight cotton and embroidery for our designs. 

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